Nikkei 500 Stock Average

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The Nikkei 500 Stock Average (Nikkei 500 Average) is a price-weighted stock index adjusted by the divisor, same as the Nikkei 225. The Nikkei Stock Average by Industry based on the 36 Nikkei industrial classifications are calculated concurrently as the sub indexes of the Nikkei 500 Average.

  • Chart
    Nikkei 500 Stock Average
  • Constituents
    Common stocks in the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • Periodic review
    Annually (April)
  • Selection rules
    • The selection shall be conducted based on the rankings of trading volume, trading value and market value in the past 3 years, and the top 500 stocks are selected.
    • In case of delisting of the index constituents due to a merger or bankruptcy, stocks are added by the Extraordinary Replacement, and the number of components remains at 500.
  • Number of constituents
  • Weighting
    Price weight
  • Calculation Method
    • The index is calculated by dividing the summation of the adjusted prices by the divisor
  • Calculation frequency
    Real time (every 1 minute)
  • Commencement date
  • Inception date