In case of using the Nikkei Indexes
The Nikkei Stock Average is known as the premier index of Japanese stocks and used around the globe. The Nikkei Stock Average is used remarkably not only for a stock market's or an economic indicator but also for so many financial products linked to the index such as futures or investment trusts, which have been traded worldwide. Also it is common for the Nikkei Stock Average to be used on newspapers, TV news or Internet websites to report Japanese stock market.
All intellectual property rights including copyrights to the Nikkei Stock Average and other various economic indexes (hereinafter referred to as "The Nikkei Indexes") are owned by Nikkei Inc.
As a result in the case of using The Nikkei Indexes for business purposes, such as for the formation, sale, and the like of financial instruments linked to The Nikkei Indexes, or for providing The Nikkei Indexes data to a third party, it is required to obtain a license from Nikkei Inc.
Please note general matters ( disclaimer ) below to use The Nikkei Indexes
The Nikkei Indexes, which is calculated by a method independently developed by Nikkei Inc. (hereinafter "Nikkei"), is a copyrightable work. Nikkei owns the copyright and any other intellectual property rights in The Nikkei Indexes themselves, and the method for calculating The Nikkei Indexes and the like.
All ownership of trademarks and any other intellectual property rights with respect to marks representing "Nikkei Inc.," "Nikkei," and The Nikkei Indexes belongs to Nikkei. Nikkei has registered the trademark of 日経平均株価(the Nikkei Stock Average in Japanese) since July, 1993 and has registered its service mark since May, 1995 in Japan. "Nikkei Stock Average" and "Nikkei225" have been registered in major foreign countries.
Nikkei is not obliged to continuously publish The Nikkei Indexes, nor is it liable for any error or delay in, or discontinuation of the publication thereof.
Nikkei owns the right to change the content of The Nikkei Indexes, such as the calculation method thereof, and the right to suspend the publication thereof.
Nikkei does not give any warranty, nor is it responsible for any and all financial instruments and the like, which are based on, or otherwise refer to, The Nikkei Indexes.
Regarding the management of the Nikkei 225 and other Nikkei indexes
The Indexes calculated and provided by Nikkei Inc. are managed by the set of rules open to the public and characterized as highly transparent. They are based on the stock prices from the regulated exchanges and calculated automatically by computer programs so that the indexes are not influenced by discretion or judgment. The Nikkei Indexes are administered by the Index Business Office, an independent division in Nikkei, in accordance with the policies of operations. Conflicts of interest are eliminated, and the indexes are highly reliable and accountable. Its administration complies with the Principles for Financial Benchmarks by the International Organization of Securities Commissions ("IOSCO Principles").
 Report of Compliance with the IOSCO Principles
Policy Documents
Nikkei Inc. establishes and publishes the policies for administration of the Nikkei Indexes. Each policy is available below.
 General Policies for Nikkei Index Administration
 Policies for Nikkei Index Cessation and Transition
 Policies for Nikkei Index Complaints Procedures

If you have any inquiries regarding "Licensing requests for Nikkei indexes" e.g. Nikkei Stock Average, "Index management or operations of the Nikkei indexes" such as calculation method, or usage of this website ("Nikkei Indexes"), please contact Index Business Office from this contact form.
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