Nikkei Stock Index 300

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The Nikkei Stock Index 300 is a market value-weighted index to represent overall Japanese market with smaller number of stocks.

  • Chart
    Nikkei Stock Index 300
  • Constituents
    Common stocks in the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • Periodic review
    Annually (October)
  • Selection rules
    • The Annual Review is conducted based on increase in market value for the past 3 years and its contribution for each 36 industrial sectors.
    • In case of delisting of the index constituents due to a merger or bankruptcy, stocks are added by the Extraordinary Replacement, and the number of components remains at 300.
  • Number of constituents
  • Weighting
    Market value weight
  • Calculation Method
    • The index is calculated by dividing the current total market value by “base market value”.
  • Calculation frequency
    Real time (every 5 seconds)
  • Commencement date
  • Inception date
  • Calculation base date
    October/01/1982 = 100