Internal Usage / System Processing Usage(Non-Display Usage)

Using as inputs for algorithmic trading or profit and loss management

The Nikkei Indexes can be used as inputs for automatic processing of machine operations, such as timing decisions for trading, risk management, market scenario analysis, and pricing of derivatives linked to the Nikkei Indexes.

Examples of Usage

Automation of buy and sell orders (Algorithmic Trading)

The Nikkei Indexes can be used for automated trading based on electronic programs, including the generation and actual placement of buy and sell orders for stock investments and other asset management scenarios.

Monitoring the trade and profit and loss management in investment

The Nikkei Indexes can be used for automated monitoring of investment programs and real-time monitoring of investment gains and losses.

Pricing of derivatives linked to the Nikkei Indexes and creation of proprietary indicators

The Nikkei Indexes can be used for analyzing market fluctuation scenarios and creating own indicators of risk trends for managing investment strategies, including pricing of structured bonds (please contact Nikkei Inc. if you wish to disseminate your own indicators created using the Nikkei Indexes)


Nikkei Inc. approves for the usage of the Nikkei Indexes as inputs for automatic data processing by machines, assuming to limit its internal use. You can be allowed to use it after concluding a license agreement with Nikkei Inc.

Click here to inquire about a license agreement for automatic processing by machines (Non-Display Usage)

If you would like to use the Nikkei Indexes for automatic calculation processing by machines, please send us an outline of your use by clicking the inquiry button below. We will confirm the purpose of use and guide you through the necessary procedures. You may use the data with Nikkei Inc.’s permission and approval.


Please note general matters (disclaimer) below to use The Nikkei Indexes

  • The Nikkei Indexes, which is calculated by a method independently developed by Nikkei Inc. (hereinafter "Nikkei"), is a copyrightable work. Nikkei owns the copyright and any other intellectual property rights in The Nikkei Indexes themselves, and the method for calculating The Nikkei Indexes and the like.
  • The Nikkei Indexes are maintained and operated according to its own rules set by Nikkei Inc. Nikkei Inc. strive to maintain and improve the functionality and neutrality of the indexes through periodic reviews of the constituent stocks and the establishment of an index committee.
  • All ownership of trademarks and any other intellectual property rights with respect to marks representing "Nikkei Inc.," "Nikkei," and The Nikkei Indexes belongs to Nikkei. Nikkei has registered the trademark of 日経平均株価(the Nikkei Stock Average in Japanese) since July, 1993 and has registered its service mark since May, 1995 in Japan. "Nikkei Stock Average" and "Nikkei225" have been registered in major foreign countries.
  • Nikkei is not obliged to continuously publish The Nikkei Indexes, nor is it liable for any error or delay in, or discontinuation of the publication thereof.
  • Nikkei owns the right to change the content of The Nikkei Indexes, such as the calculation method thereof, and the right to suspend the publication thereof.
  • Nikkei does not give any warranty, nor is it responsible for any and all financial instruments and the like, which are based on, or otherwise refer to, The Nikkei Indexes.

Other form of Indexes usage

Display Usage(for information Service)
Display Usage
(for information Service)

Displaying on media such as websites, mobile apps, books, reports, and presentation materials

The Nikkei Indexes can be used in a variety of media, including websites, apps, videos, books, reports, and presentations to communicate market trends. It may also be used in a variety of ways, from real-time updates to using only the closing price.

More details
Financial Products
Financial Products

Formation and sales of financial products including Investment Trusts, and ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds)

A license agreement with Nikkei Inc. is required to create and market financial products, such as investment trusts, ETFs, structured bonds, and futures, which use the Nikkei Indexes.

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