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License (Display Usage)

License (Internal Usage/Non-Display Usage)

  • License (Internal Usage/Non-Display Usage)

    Since the Nikkei Indexes themselves are our copyrighted works, so please contact to Nikkei Inc. at first, if you wish to use the indexes data as input to a machine calculation process. Nikkei Inc. will guide you through the necessary procedures after learning the purpose of your use. As a starter, please contact via the above inquiry button first.

  • In what cases does this use apply?

    This is the case when our indexes are used as inputs for machine processing without human intervention. Program trading and automated monitoring of transactions are typical examples. Please contact Nikkei Inc. for more information.

  • We have decided to relocate our data center and were told by our information vendor company. Can you please grant us permission?

    Please contact us firstly and then Nikkei Inc. will check to see if there is an agreement in place for your use itself. If not, Nikkei Inc. will ask you to explain your usage including purpose, the way to consume, etc., and after concluding a license agreement, Nikkei Inc. will approve it.

License (Financial Products)

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