Nikkei High Yield REIT Index
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Nikkei High Yield REIT Index

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The Nikkei High Yield Index is a REIT index comprised of high yield REITs calculated by "Market Cap multiplied by Yield Weight" Methodology.
The 35 constituents are selected from the REITs listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange.
The constituents are changed at the end of May as a result of the Periodic Review once a year. Using the Nikkei’s forecasts on dividends, the stocks with higher expected yields at the end of April are chosen based on the selection rule of the Periodic Review.
The index is calculated by summing up the constituent share prices multiplied by the Weight Factors, and dividing the summation by the Divisor. The Weight Factor is determined by the number of issued shares and Expected Yields on the Base Date. Although the Weight Factor remains unchanged in principle until the next Periodic Review, it will be adjusted in case of the stock split or reverse split, based on the ratio. Both of the Expected Yields and weights of the index are capped.
Base Date
The commencement date of the calculation is July 20th 2020, which has been retroactively calculated to May 30th 2014 with the level of 1000. The Index is calculated on an end-of-day basis.
Derived Index
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