Nikkei All Stock Index
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Nikkei All Stock Index
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The Nikkei All Stock Index is a market value-weighted stock index and the universe is all stocks listed in all of the stock exchanges in Japan. The index is a total return index that represents the performance of all assets obtained by stock investments.
All stocks (common domestic stocks) listed in all of the stock exchanges in Japan, excluding non-common stocks such as ETFs, REITs, preferred equity contribution securities, subsidiary tracking stocks.
The index is a market value-weighted total return index. The index is calculated by dividing the current total market value by “base market value”. Base market value is adjusted to maintain continuity in the index when the market value of constituents changes for non-market reasons. The dividend payments are included in the calculations.
Base Date
The index has been calculated since September 1, 1991. The index has a base value of 100 as of January 4, 1980 and has been calculated once a day at the close of the market.
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