Nikkei All Stock Index


The Nikkei All Stock Index is a market value-weighted stock index and the universe is all stocks listed in all of the stock exchanges in Japan. The index is a total return index that represents the performance of all assets obtained by stock investments.

  • Constituents
    All listed issues in Japan
  • Number of constituents
    No fixed number
  • Weighting
    Market value weight
  • Calculation Method
    • The index is calculated by dividing the current total market value by “base market value”.
  • Calculation frequency
    End-of-day basis
  • Commencement date
  • Inception date
  • Calculation base date
    January/04/1980 = 100
  • Others
    The index ceased calculation on June 25th, 2021 with the final value on the same day.

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