Nikkei Asia300 Investable Index (JPY)

-1.55% -29.40 Jul/17/2024(19:30)
Open 1,890.48 09:00
High 1,892.41 09:50
Low 1,857.96 17:58


The Nikkei Asia300 Investable Index a free-float adjusted market value weighted index which represents the trends of the growing 300 major Asian companies.

  • Chart
  • Constituents
    The index is composed of 300 Asian companies listed in the following 10 countries and regions, China (except A-share), Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and India.
  • Periodic review
    Annually (June)
  • Selection rules
    • 300 stocks are selected from stocks with market cap within top 150 places in consecutive three years for each country/region by the ranking of 3-year average market cap adjusted with their 5-year average sales growth rates.
    • Select top 20 ranked stocks for each Country and then select top 100 ranked stocks regardless of the Countries from the remaining stocks (For regional diversification, set an upper limit as the number of stocks for each Country).
  • Number of constituents
  • Weighting
    Free-float adjusted market value weight
  • Calculation Method
    • The index is calculated based on market capitalization adjusted by FFW (Free Float Weight) and the index is calculated by dividing the current total free float adjusted market value by "base market value".
  • Calculation frequency
    Real time (every 15 seconds)
  • Commencement date
  • Inception date
  • Calculation base date
    December/01/2015 = 1,000