Premium Data Package

Nikkei Indexes "Premium Data Package" is a mail & data service

for financial professionals to manage their assets using

Nikkei indexes e.g. Nikkei 225 in efficient ways at a reasonable price

To catch
crucial news timely by email

To obtain
precise component weights daily

To evaluate
performance with income gains

Fee for the usage of Premium Data Package

NIKKEI Indexes

360,000 JPY per annual / ID

JPX-NIKKEI Mid Small Ver.

240,000 JPY per annual / ID

Yearly contract and Payment in advance. Fee of a single registered user on a PC. The information on the JPX-Nikkei Index 400 and JPX-Nikkei Mid Small are provided by the JPX-NIKKEI 400 Ver. and JPX-NIKKEI Mid Small Ver.(separate contract respectively). 120,000 JPY per annual / ID for the 2nd or more users (84,000 JPY for JPX-NIKKEI 400 Ver. / JPX-NIKKEI Mid Small Ver.).

English or Japanese selectable for Alert Mail. Disseminating information & data on this service to any third parties are prohibited. Any further question, please feel free to contact us.


Index Business Office, Nikkei Inc.

  • Nikkei Inc. No reproduction without permission.