Nikkei Asia300 Investable Index (USD)
-10.84 (-0.85%) 
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The Nikkei Asia300 Investable Index is composed of 300 Asian listed companies and is designed to be used as the underlying index for the financial products such as investment funds. The constituents are chosen using the quantitative data which are selected to reflect the concept of the Nikkei Asia300 companies picked by Nikkei as companies to watch in Asia. This new index is aimed at meeting the needs to invest in the growing major Asian companies as a basket.
The Nikkei Asia300 Investable Index is composed of 300 Asian companies listed in the following 10 countries and regions, China (except A-share), Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and India.
Calculation method
The indices are calculated based on free-float adjusted market value method, which is calculated by dividing sum of the free-float adjusted market values of the index constituents by Divisor. The Divisors will be adjusted for the various actions in the index (e.g. constituents change, changes in market values not related to market movements) to keep the index level between pre and after the event unchanged. The index is denominated in both US dollar and Japanese yen. Total Return and Net Total Return indexes are also calculated. The indexes are calculated by S&P Dow Jones Indices under the commission by Nikkei.
Base date etc.
The calculation started December 11, 2017. The index value on December 1, 2015 was 1000 points. The Nikkei Asia300 Investable Index is calculated every 15 seconds from 9:00 to 19:30 (JST). The index is calculated from Monday to Friday except on January 1 in principle. However, the index will not be calculated when all of the relevant exchanges are closed.
Derived Index
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